Zanzibar Pangani Holiday

Tours of Pangani include historical monuments such as the original slave depot, with intact whipping posts and the slave market where Arabs traded slaves to India and Arabia, the Freedom Grounds, Islamic and German graves, ancient mosques, buildings from the German colonial period and traditional houses

Pangani Beaches

The beaches near Pangani are beautiful with long clean stretches of sand offering none of the hassle which can be expected in Zanzibar, and the area is a good start or end point to any safari.
Currently Pangani has not attracted the mass tourism hordes so is a great place to find peace and solitude on deserted Indian Ocean palm fringed beaches.

Activities in and around Pangani include:

- Pangani Town Tour allows one to see some of old buildings that are over 200 years old, as well as visits to a former slave labor camps and slave market site.

- Snorkeling: Dhow trips can be arranged from hotels to visit offshore coral reefs. Some of the reefs have been recently placed under protection so it is possible to see many species of colorful fish and live corals. Snorkeling equipment is available.

- Sandbars: All-day visits are available from lodges to various offshore sandbars. Organize a picnic lunch through your hotel or bring your own. The sandbars offer beautiful views of the coast and are often surrounded by reefs which are great for snorkeling. It is possible to combine snorkeling and sandbar trips.

Hotel of your choice can be arranged plus activities you want to do also number of days depend upon your choice.
Getting there is by chartered flight form dare s salaam or Kilimanjaro airport or drive from dar es salaam via saadani national park takes 3 to 4 hrs.Drive from moshi or arusha via tanga town takes 5 to 6hrs.