Safari Accommodations

No:Name of the HotelLocationRating *
1Aishi Protea Hotels Machame30kms from Moshi town3***
2Ameg Lodge1.5km from Moshi town3***
3Bristol CottageCentral locatedDeluxe
4Babylon Lodge Marangu35kms from Moshi townDeluxe
5Buffalo hotelCentral locatedDeluxe
6Big MountainCentral locatedDeluxe
7Camel hotelCentral locatedDeluxe
8Capricorn Hotel Marangu135kms from Moshi townDeluxe
9Green Hostels1km from Moshi townHostel
10Keys Hotel (Rau)1km from Moshi townDeluxe
11Keys Annex (Mbokomu)2km from Moshi townDeluxe
12Honey Burger Lodge4km from Moshi townDeluxe
13Impala hotel Moshi2km from Moshi town3***
14Kilimanjaro Safari Lodge2km from Moshi townDeluxe
15Kibo executive Lodge0.5km from Moshi townDeluxe
16Kilimanjaro Crane HotelCentral locatedDeluxe
17Kilimakyaro Mountain Lodge3km from Moshi town3***
18KIA Lodge (Airport)40km from Moshi town4****
19Kindoroko HotelCentral locatedDeluxe
20Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort35km from Moshi town4****
21Kilimanjaro BackpackersCentral locatedDeluxe
22Leopard hotel MoshiCentral locatedDeluxe
23Mountain Inn3km from Moshi townDeluxe
24Nakara hotel Marangu35km from Moshi town3***
25Nyumbani HotelCentral located3***
26Osy Grand hotelCentral locatedDeluxe
27Park View hotelTownDeluxe
28Panama HotelCentral locatedDeluxe
29Salsalnero Hotel35km from Moshi townDeluxe
30Uhuru Hotel 1km from Moshi town (non alcohol) Deluxe
31Umoja HostelCentral locatedHostel
32WeruWeru River Lodge6kms from Moshi town3***
33YMCA HostelCentral locatedHostel
34Zebra HotelCentral locatedDeluxe