3 Day Ssese Islands tour

3 Day Ssese Islands tour

1Day 1: Entebbe to Ssese Island
Morning will be picked from Kampala at leisure to Entebbe. The ferry leaves after 1.00pm back to the Ssese Islands. Enjoy the ride to the islands . Check in at Pearl Gardens Beach.
2Day 2: Ssese Islands
This is a day for your activities. Activities at the islands include sun bathing, beach activities, bird watching, sport fishing, nature walks, primate walks, community projects etc. You will choose what to do and pay directly. Dinner and overnight at Pearl Garden Beach.
3Day 3 : Return to Entebbe

After breakfast will board the ferry back to Entebbe in the morning arriving at around mid day. Proceed to Kampala.

This option will cost USD 165 per person FB for 2 people.Incase you want just accommodation arrangement also inquire for special rates.

Ssese Tour Arrangement

The tour to Ssese Island can be done in 2 ways. There is ferry leaving Entebbe daily to and from the islands. And this can be used to arrange your trip where by we can book the accommodation for you, transport from Kampala to Entebbe to the ferry point and pick you on 3rd day from Entebbe on return. Activities will be paid directly. In this option you are limited to visiting other places on the islands since you will not be having vehicle to move with. It will be relaxing at doing minor activities within your reach. This option will cost USD165 per person for 2 people.

Another option is where you will be picked from Kampala and board the ferry with your vehicle to Ssese Islands. Will arrange your accommodation at full board arrangement and will be paying for activities directly.

However you have variety to choose from sine you are able to move from one point to another. Will come back on day 3 with the ferry to Entebbe and be dropped off in Kampala or Entebbe. This option will cost you USD 395 per person for 2 people.

There is another option of going through Masaka where you will enjoy the country side. You can indicate to us incase you interested but will be a little more expensive than the above options.
Masaka Option Going Through Bukakata Port

1Day 1 : Kampala Masaka Bukakata – Ssese Islands
Drive to Ssese and Stop over at the drum makers, coffee and Banana plantations, Equator and proceed for lunch in Masaka Town. Board ferry from Bukakata to the islands Check in at Island club or other facility .Dinner and overnight on Island.
2Day 2: Ssese Islands
Ssese Island: Natural walks, Bird watching, Sun bathing Dinner and overnight at Ssese Island Club.
3Day 3 : Ssese Islandas to Kampala
Return to kampala with ferry to Masaka and continue to Kampala .

Recommended Tours and Historical Places of interest in Ssese

Nsirwe Island is famous for both bird and spider breeding . Aday tour will let you accomplish everything at the Island.

Bugaba Island is the birth and home place of the African Grey parrots .It also hosts a living sample of a true African virgin Equatorial forest.

Bubembe and Funve Islands are situated in the far south west of lake Victoria facing the Tanzania border with Uganda. This area is famous for Nile perch Catfish angling.

The Nile been rewarded with fish of a whopping 100 and more kilograms. The best seasons lie between April to August .A one –day tour costs. Travel Hemispheres will arrange this or your excitement and holiday

Serinya, Banda and Kitobo Islands:

These are fast developing islands .a tourist in search of a classic example of how islanders in the developing world live receive a world of experience and knowledge. Modern schools, animals farming and clinics in the fishing villages are seen in their different phases of completion and operation. Development that comes with facilities such as solar energy is very clear to an on looker. At the end of the day we usually retire for a nice basic meal and cold refreshing drinks typical of Banda camping site.

Bugala Island the home of Island . This is where Island Club Ltd accommodation facility is located in also a tropical paradise. The club is situated on 40 acres of forested land . The virgin forests are among the most luxuriant and beautiful in tropical Africa, with an extraordinary variety of colours and scenery .The shoreline hosts some marine life that is un known to man .Perhaps the most striking and beautiful faunas are the brilliantly coloured butterflies that swarm around in these 40 acres .These butterflies are in close completion for notice with the equally beautiful birds .islands club hospitality and comfort has made it not only arresting place for tourist , but home to monkey ,s marine life ,birds butterflies clear crystal waters white sand beaches magnificent sunsets and well rehearsed night life gosh it a mouthful of wonders.